Colossus 2015

Colossus 2015

This past weekend the Department of Programming ((dop)) and the Student Activities and Greek Affairs (SAGA) of Loyola hosted Colossus 2015! Colossus is a two night concert and comedy series presented annually, where famous people visit Loyola and put on a show for a reduced price to students and staff! In the past, people such as Ke$ha and Aziz Ansari have been scheduled to perform. This year, the performers were Jason Derulo on Friday night and Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias on Saturday night! Both shows were held at Gentile Arena.

Sadly, I was only available to attend the Jason Derulo concert on Friday night and had to miss Gabriel Iglesias. But the concert was really fun! My friends and I arrived at around 7:30 P.M. and were able to get in and find good seats before the opening acts began at around 8:00. There were two opening acts: the first was a student DJ and the second one was a student band. The DJ played really cool remixes of songs and really got the crowd pumped up before the show! He was really energetic and I could tell he really loved what he was doing. The student band was also really good and really energetic. They sang a mix of both cover songs and original songs. Their sound was a mix of pop remixed with rock and punk. I really enjoyed their covers and liked their original songs! I would definitely go to see them perform again.

Once the crowd was pumped up, Jason Derulo finally came on! I am not a huge huge fan of Jason Derulo, but he definitely knows how to put on a good and entertaining show! He performed all of his popular songs that I’ve known since middle school and it was fun to dance and sing along! He also performed a new song that only came out a few days ago. It was a really fun evening.

Although I didn’t go to Gabriel Iglesias’s show, my roommate did and said it was amazing! She said he was absolutely hilarious, and performed for an extra hour! I really wish I could have been there.

All in all, Colossus 2015 was a huge success, and I am so excited to see who will come to Loyola next year for Colossus 2016!!

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