Supporting Special Olympics

Supporting Special Olympics


I absolutely love the placing of Damen.  It was my lifesaver during winter when I needed to catch the L.  Its placement is perfect, and it allowed me to stop for a coffee during those chilly, chilly days! I do have to admit that sometimes I try to avoid all of the people by the desk, who are trying to stop you, for the merely reason that we can all be a little socially awkward.

Sometimes the guy handing out stuff is way too cute, but I am having one of those bad hair days, didn’t do my nails, raccoon and baggy eyes day.  So, yes, forgive me, but I will avoid eye contact and walk past you.  However, on most occasions, I still take the time to talk and receive whatever they are handing out!  This past week, I am so glad that I did just that.

They used a medal to catch my attention and it did because it definitely made me stop.  ASA is hosting a Ladybug Olympics to support Special Olympics.  I thought this was very thoughtful and original.  I enjoy seeing how active the sororities are with their philanthropies!  I wish I had a team to participate, so if anyone is up for it, I would love to be part of a team!  The event is on March 20th at 4:30 P.M.  It is a volleyball tournament with games, prizes and food! If you want to make a team email: for info.

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