Ramblin’ Around Different Chicago Neighborhoods

Ramblin’ Around Different Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago is one of the world’s greatest cities with a myriad of unique neighborhoods. Below are some neighborhoods that I have already visited, and loved, as well as others that I hope to visit in the near future. 

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Closest “L” Station: Addison (Red)

Boystown is the nation’s first officially recognized gay village and largest LGBT community. Rainbow flags and colorful rainbow pylons adorn the streets. There are authentic crafts and trinkets stores as well as a variety of nicer dining options. The Chicago Diner, featuring an exclusively vegan menu, is one of the neighborhood’s more affordable option. Boystown is famous for its vibrant nightlife (which I have not yet been able to witness). I look forward to enjoying a stand-up comedy show at the Laugh Factory as well as attending the annual Pride Parade that is held in June.

☑ China Town

Closest “L” Station: Cermak-Chinatown (Red)

Chicago’s Chinatown is the third-largest Chinatown in the country, right behind San Francisco and New York. This culturally infused neighborhood is packed with myriad restaurants and unique shops that sell all types of tea and Asian (mainly traditionally Chinese) knick-knacks. Upon exiting the station, the red Chinatown Gateway invites everyone to explore the community.

Wicker Park

Closest “L” Station: Damen (Blue)

According to Choose Chicago, Wicker Park is “famous for unparalleled boutique shopping, esoteric book stores and their countless art galleries.” Locals say murals fill the walls of the buildings, and, if you enjoy taking picture like I do, this place sounds like a perfect weekend destination. Wicker Park gives off an energetic youthfulness and quirky vibe that draws many visitors back for more.

□ Greektown

Closest “L” Station: Jackson (Red)

If you walk along the streets, you are able to see Greek Statues and Greek structures. This ethnic neighborhood thrives with a plethora of Greek dining outlets plus a shopping district that seeks to emulate the Greek experience and keep their traditions alive. I can’t wait to visit the National Hellenic Museum and the Taste of Greece Festival in August.

□ Uptown

Closest “L” Station: Wilson (Red)

Uptown is described as “a vibrant blend of old and new” and “an intriguing neighborhood where Chicago’s rich history and ethnic diversity intersect.” It is an entertainment district known for its interesting shops, ethnic cuisines, eclectic boutiques, live music and nightlife. Uptown is also home to some of the city’s most sought-after landmark mansions and coveted vintage, courtyard condominiums.



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