For the Sake of a Sunrise, I’ll Get up Early

For the Sake of a Sunrise, I’ll Get up Early

There is not much that will get a college kid out of bed early in the morning, besides an 8AM class. Because after a long night of studying there is nowhere we’d would rather be than curled up in bed. I was all for sleeping in as late as possible before I realized what I was missing out on during my extra hour of sleep. Every time I give myself only time in the morning to get dressed and run to class I’m missing out on the most beautiful sunrises in the Midwest. And those sunrises just so happen to take place on Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.

Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus is tucked away in Rogers Park along Sheridan Road and the east side of campus just so happens to be the shores of Lake Michigan. Luckily for Loyola students, and the city of Chicago, the Lake’s east-side location makes it the perfect stage for the sunrise every morning.

My roommate and I made it a goal of ours to see the sunrise once a week. Our goal was a little ambitious, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the few times we have managed to crawl out of bed to run on Lake Shore Path or sit on the beach while the sun rises.

If you manage to drag yourself out of bed to watch the sun rise you should still have time to catch some extra sleep before class, but if you’re feeling especially awake grab a coffee and study in the IC (the study space with floor to ceiling windows and a perfect view of the lake) until class starts.

Since we’ll be here for four (or five) years be sure you spend at least one of those mornings lake side, watching the most beautiful sunrise in the Midwest. Rise and shine, Ramblers!


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