AfroDescent Performs at MGC’s Triple S Show

AfroDescent Performs at MGC’s Triple S Show

Click here to see the fun! – Triple S Show Performance

On Thursday, the dance group that I choreograph for, AfroDescent, had the opportunity to perform for the Multicultural Greek Council’s Triple S Show. The “s” in Triple S stands for step, stroll and salute, three elements that are very important in multicultural Greek life.

The dance that we practiced very hard for is called the “Azonto,” a style that has emerged out of the cities of Ghana. With the Azonto, one can tell a story while grooving with the down beat of the music. It is a style that allows the freedom of forming one’s own style, while staying in sync with who you are dancing with. The link above shows our take on the new style.

We had a blast performing at this event. Mundelein Auditorium was virtually full of people from different sororities and fraternities from Chicagoland schools and students of the Loyola community. I hope you enjoy our video!

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