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Latest Job Scam Phish

Posted on: August 1st, 2023 by Jim Pardonek
The phishing email below is the latest in a series of Job Scams that have been circulating here at Loyola.  All of these attempt to steal money from the person that THINKS they are applying for a job.  They basically fit the same pattern.
Flexible, part-time job
work from home
$300 – $500 weekly
Asks you to send your information using your non-Loyola email address
Uses a Google form to get your information.
The new thing is the addition of a QR code attachment to make it easier to get to the Google forms site.
If you recieve any of these, you can simply delete it.
Sent: Tuesday, August 1, 2023 1:28:44 PM
Subject: School Approved Employment Offer

Dear Staff/Student,
Highly intelligent and organized individuals are needed to manage and provide personal and administrative support. It’s a Flexible part-time job. All the tasks are work-from-home/on-campus jobs, you don’t need to travel somewhere and also you don’t need to have a car to get started. The right applicant will be tirelessly attentive to detail

Job Details
Position: Personal Assistant/Bookkeeper
Job Type: Part Time
Salary $500 Weekly
Hours: Number of hires for this role 1
Schedule: 5-hour shift
Benefits: Flexible schedule
AD&D Insurance (After 1 month with us)
401(K) (After 3 months with us)
Free Medicals (After 1 month with us

Supplemental Pay: Bonus pays
Job Description
This opportunity should be done at leisure time taking 1hr a day, 2-3 times a week.

You must be 18th to apply, Be sure to visit the link below or scan the Qr Code.  

Apply Here

 Or send a copy of your resume to ( using your alternative email
NB (Make sure you send your resume with your alternative email and not your school email)

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