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Latest Phishing Email

Posted on: May 23rd, 2017 by Jim Pardonek

We continue to receive phishing emails from sites created on Weebly.  Although we have temporarily blocked access to Weebly from on campus, students, faculty and staff that access their email from off campus are still vulnerable if they click the link and provide their credentials.  Loyola University Chicago does not send email account warnings that contain links, especially links that ask for your password.  You can also check where a link will go to by placing your mouse pointer over the link without clicking.  It will show you the link.  Any link containing is an attempt to get your uvid and password.   A sample of the latest phish looks similar to this:


Your Email ******** was accessed from a different Country IP & will be suspended if not validated within 24hrs after receiving this email. Click *HERE* and fill the details to validate your IP.

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