Emergency Simulation

Emergency Simulation

UNICEF Fellow Mandy leading a discussion in global issues and emergency response
UNICEF Fellow Mandy leading a discussion in global issues and emergency response

As the leading humanitarian organization in the world, UNICEF is often one of the first responders in times of global crisis.  When natural disasters hit or political conflicts arise, UNICEF sends in people and supplies to help.

With this in mind, UNICEF of Loyola organized an Emergency Simulation that mirrors UNICEF’s lifesaving work.  During the activity, students were presented with a hypothetical global crisis, separated into task groups, and given one hour to formulate a response.

On Monday during the Emergency Simulation, students were told that Pakistan had been hit with an immense monsoon that destroyed countless homes and left thousands of people displaced.  After splitting into six task groups, students decided how to address issues such as budget, water and sanitation, child protection, communication,  and food.  With only an hour, the activity became an adrenaline-driven race to a solution.

A panel of Loyola doctoral students and UNICEF volunteers facilitated the activity, assisting students and raising issues that influenced how they made decisions.  The activity was followed by a group discussion of the social and political forces that converge in times of global crisis.  On top of that, Einstein bagels and Giordano’s Pizza were shared with all the participants.

As a political science major and sociology minor, not to mention a member of UNICEF, this activity was right up my alley.  I would encourage any student interested in global issues and social justice to attend this event in the future.

Loyola’s Best Dance Crew

Loyola’s Best Dance Crew

The time has come.  The battle will soon begin.  Who has the moves to win?  You be the judge.

UNICEF of Loyola will be hosting the second annual Loyola’s Best Dance Crew on November 12!  The event invites dance groups on campus to bring their best moves to compete for the title.  The $5.00 admission gets you a ticket that can be used to vote for your favorite crew.  The winning group will receive a trophy and eternal bragging rights.

All proceeds will benefit the United States fund for UNICEF.  This is a leading global non-profit that works to end preventable child deaths around the world.  UNICEF specifically targets things like clean water, sanitation, vaccinations, maternal care, and education.  Our chapter raises money and awareness for this cause.

So with a great event and an even greater cause, how can you say no?  Be sure to check it out!

The Third Week Of Classes

The Third Week Of Classes

Somehow time has once again fooled me into believing that I had more time than I thought. I can not believe that it is already the third week of classes!

If you ask me, it still feels like the first week, or the infamous “syllabus week”.

This is a wonderful week during which professors spend class time going over the class rules and expectations and there is little to no work involved. So you can imagine the bitter surprise when I looked in my to-do notebook and realized that yes, in fact this is the third week and things are really starting to pick up!

The first items on my agenda that I noticed were my extracurricular activities that begin this week. I’ve been enjoying my semester with classes that get done between 12:00 and 2:00, which means that I have the rest of the day for myself. But this time of extra sleep, extra workouts, extra reading is slowly coming to an end. I will now babysit until 6:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for a family of three children, the same family that I babysat for last year. Loyola’s chapter of UNICEF is starting up its weekly meetings from 7:00-8:00 on Tuesdays. And finally my Wednesdays are taken up by tutoring at Jordan Elementary through L4C for a couple hours right after class.

While all of these commitments may mean that I will get less sleep and feel a little more stressed, I enjoy doing them and always manage to adjust to the busy schedule so that i survive. Plus, being involved in campus organizations is usually really fun and a great way to constantly meet new people.


UNICEF: Believe In Zero

UNICEF: Believe In Zero

One of the student organizations that I am involved with here at Loyola is UNICEF. 19,000 children die every day of preventable causes and UNICEF fights for this number to become zero. UNICEF has saved more young lives than any humanitarian organization in the world.

Loyola’s chapter of UNICEF meets every Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. for one hour. In these meetings we talk about some of the problems that we want to focus on and brainstorm ideas for how we, as a student organization, can fight them. Our main goals are to raise money and raise awareness. To do that, we organize many different projects throughout the year such as documentary nights, professional panels, Mr. Rambler pageants and many more.

Our first event of the year was our Believe In Zero flag. It was primarily to raise awareness for UNICEF and our mission. Our Believe In Zero project involved getting up at the crack of dawn and creating a big “0” out of little white UNICEF flags.

Each of the 600 flags represented 32 children in the world who would die that day from preventable causes. As you can see from the pictures below, it was a pretty powerful sight.

This was a great way to spread awareness for organization. We made the “0” in a place where many students passed it on their way to class or the library and many students stopped to see what it was about. We handed out fliers and put up signs around the flags explaining their meaning to help the students understanding.

Our UNICEF team with the finished "0"
The Believe In Zero "0" made out of UNICEF flags.
Our group working on building the Zero around 6:30 am.
Iliana, the president of Loyola's UNICEF, and a couple of us team members.
Mr. Rambler Pageant

Mr. Rambler Pageant

Monday is the second annual Mr. Rambler Pageant!

Mr. Rambler is a pageant that is hosted by Loyola’s chapter of UNICEF in order to raise money for UNICEF’s Tap Project. All of the money raised this week goes to UNICEF’s efforts to bring clean water to communities that currently lack it.

Loyola’s chapter is contributing by hosting the Mr. Rambler Pageant. The pageant contestants come from different organizations on campus including sports teams, greek life, and other clubs. It is a great opportunity to see friends and peers in a different light than we normally see them. For example, last year I was able to see my friend on the cross country team get up in front of about 200 people and sing! It was awesome!

Mr. Rambler consists of categories such as: formal wear, beach wear, talents, and an interview section. I can not wait to see what surprising talents the contestants will have this year!