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My sandwich and my tangerine

My sandwich and my tangerine


I love in between classes breaks.  They allow me to do very productive things…well, most of the time. 🙂 However, it gives me some time to do some last minute homework or studying.  If ONLY, I actually attempted to get work done every single time.  However, it doesn’t always happen.  What always happens is that I eat.  I eat, a lot.

I am always going to the dining hall because, since I love to eat, it gives me the most alternatives.  My appetite is always changing.  When I am not feeling too hungry, you can always find me in the Coffee Shop.  It is just such a chill and relaxing atmosphere that emanates the whole shop, and I love it.  Let me tell you, I went there this past Thursday and I had one of the best sandwiches ever.

It wasn’t just my every other Thursday.  I had just  gotten out of an exam and while it wasn’t so bad, I still needed a few minutes to relax before my biochemistry lab.  I was a tad hungry, and so I stopped by.  As I walked in I saw many Loyola students.  This is why I feel comfortable coming here.  I ordered a sandwich and they lady behind the counter recommended that I try the turkey sandwich.  So, I did.  After I paid, I waited for my sandwich but she said that she would bring it to my table.   (Great service, btw).

I sat down and I was having trouble connecting to the WiFi.  (The password is coffeeshop, not thecoffeeshop).  When she suddenly came with my food, I could not help but notice the cute little plate that she put it on.  I really felt at home.  I, also, noticed a tangerine next to my sandwich.  It was very good and fulfilling.  I started working on my lab report while I ate, but all of the interesting decorations around were really distracting me.  The glass table that I was sitting at had old newspapers on it and the walls around me were covered by photographs.  The old piano sat solemnly and I immediately wished I knew how to play it.  It made me wonder of all these belongings and where they came from.  Did they all belong to the owner?  Were they donated?  Who played that piano?  Who touched those newspapers?  So many questions that I will try to get answered next time.

Ugh, another great experience, as always.  It is going to be very difficult to leave Loyola and Rodgers park this May, really, really, really, reaaaaaaaallllllllllly difficult.