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Batman Band-aids Solve Everything

Batman Band-aids Solve Everything

Earlier this week, I made the spontaneous decision to give up diet soda. We’re on the precipice of finals week, so I still needed to stay awake well into the night. In order to accomplish this, I switched to drinking caffeinated tea. So, for a few days, I essentially became a compulsive tea drinker.

On Monday night, I had already had 4 cups before determining that I needed some Tazo Black Tea to keep me going.

I ordered some at the IC, slipped my tea bag under the lid, snapped the top back on and headed to my table…

…where the lid promptly popped off, causing scalding hot water to pour all over my palms and hands. I washed them under cool water and bought about every burn product that CVS had, with most of my friends thinking that I was just being a baby in the face of first degree burns.

Until my thumb reddened, blistered and popped, clearly marking that I had in fact given myself second degree burns.

So I was feeling pretty miserable, embarrassed and in a mood for self pity.

Thumbs Up for Batman. Awww yeah.

That is, I felt that way until I remembered my Batman band-aids!

I slapped one on and felt instantly better.

So, morals of my woeful tale:

1. Too much of anything (even if it’s something as good for you as tea) will always lead to heartbreak and despair.


2. Get cool band aids for college. Mom isn’t going to be there any more to take care of the ouchies, and if you’re gonna do it yourself, you better do it right.