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Unbeknownst to Me, My Friends are Actually Cats

Unbeknownst to Me, My Friends are Actually Cats

In case you haven’t noticed, I love cats. I also happen to love my friends. So I was more than giddy when last week, after receiving an e-mail from PAWS Chicago, I realized that my real life friends = real life cats. I quickly decided that I had no choice but to share my friends and their furry doppelgangers with y’all. Enjoy!

1. Krystalle and Asita

"We hate you. JK COME PET US."

2. Emily and Peaches

"We may be shy at first, but give us a mustache or ball of yarn, and we really open up."

3. Cook and Sammy


4. Scott and Henry (O’Henry)

"We're both Irish and love lasers. Clearly we're twins."

And my personal favorite…

5. Sandy and Buck

"What's that?!?!?"

The pictures of the beautiful kitty cats were used with permission from PAWS Chicago Foster Care, which is a pretty awesome program that finds fosters for longer-term cats at the shelter, so that they can experience a home environment for a few weeks.

No furry friends are allowed into the residence halls (sad times 🙁 ), so I unfortunately can’t take part. However, if you live off campus and would like to offer up your home, feel free to e-mail HolidayProgramKC@pawschicago.org!

Pictures of Krystalle, Cook and Scott – attributed to themselves

Picture of Emily and Sandy – attributed to Emma Norbut