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OC to Chicago

OC to Chicago

So the biggest question I always get being from Southern California, is why did I come to Chicago? Well I think it is time that people understand how much better Chicago is than the OC.

So, yes, I will be the first to agree that Southern California is beautiful, but have you really seen Chicago? Here is a list of the reasons that I think Chicago is better.

This is the view from my living room at home.

1. THE PEOPLE! The beach boys put it best when they said that the Midwestern girls just know how to make you feel alright. The people here are so nice and inviting. I have never spent a holiday while being in Chicago alone because someone is always there to embrace me.

2. THE CITY! Chicago is seriously one of the best skylines in the world. Not only that but when you are downtown it just feels right, it feels good to be surrounded by the people, the activities and the buildings.

3. THE WEATHER! Seriously, 70 degrees and sunny gets really boring and there is no better feeling for me than waking up to see that it is snowing and the ground is covered.

Ok fine this is not in Chicago, but still you get the point, I love the snow!

4. Who says I have to live far away from a major body of water? I moved from living on the Ocean to living on Lake Michigan.

This was my view last year, see the building on the left at the very end of the street, that is were I live now.

You can think what you want about California, but personally if I had to live anywhere in the world it would be right here in Chicago.