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Christmas Break

Christmas Break

Christmas break was EXTREMELY relaxing! It was so nice to take a break from the mounds of schoolwork I usually have and just enjoy the company of family and friends while eating tons of home cooked meals (my favorite part!).

One of the many perks of Loyola is that they give everyone a full month of break. (Mostly everyone, depending on finals)  I got home December 13th, and a few days later, my siblings and I hosted our first annual Trubiano siblings cookie making party.  We each invited a few friends, and made a ton of cookies for Christmas and Christmas day… although most of them were gone that night.  Here’s a picture of the cookies I was in charge of, before they were decorated.

On Christmas Eve, my family has my moms whole side at our house.  We ate delicious lasagna and exchanged presents.  It was extra exciting this year because it was my cousin’s baby’s first Christmas.  He is the chubbiest, cutest little thing.

On Christmas day, we went to my grandparents house.  My dad has five brothers and sisters, so there was a ton of people packed into the house.  I have so many cousins, and I always love Christmas because I get to hang out with all of them at once! Here is a picture of all of my female cousins besides one.

I spent a lot of time with my high school friends over this break as well.  We had a lot of holiday parties and went to a lot of movies. (I highly recommend Silver Linings Playbook!) Here’s a pic of my six best friends. 

I definitely needed the long Christmas break.  I was great spending time with family and old friends.  It is great to be back in Chicago though, and I am really looking forward to this semester!

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was a much needed, relaxing time.  I booked it home on the MegaBus Tuesday, and arrived home Tuesday night to my family, dog and my favorite pasta! It was the perfect things to come home to.

I went to both sets of my grandparents houses on Thanksgiving day.  I ate twice (it’s possible.. trust me) and then had some leftovers later.  I was basically in a food coma for the remainder of break, but I wasn’t complaining.  Thanksgiving food is definitely in list of top five favorite meals. Deeelicious.

I braved the crowds and went Black Friday (well, Thursday) shopping Thursday night.  I went to Target just to look around.  The line wrapped around the entire building! It was insane, but it wasn’t too long of a wait because they were letting mass amounts of people in at a time.  I didn’t get anything, but it was fun experiencing the Black Friday craze!

The rest of my break was spent relaxing and catching up with old high school friends.  On Sunday, I drove back with a friend to Chicago.  Now, I’m just anxiously awaiting Christmas break! One week to go!

Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions

Easter is just three days away! This not only means the end of lent and a massive overload of chocolate for me, but lots of family and church as well.

Even though my brothers and I are long past believing in the Easter Bunny, my mom still makes us search for our Easter basket that is hidden somewhere in the house on Sunday morning. When we were younger, we woke up as early as possible in order to achieve the glory of the being the first one to find our Easter basket. Now, however, it is a struggle for my mom to get us out of bed early enough so that we still have time to find our baskets and get ready for church.

So, after we find our Easter baskets and eat more than our fair share of chocolate and candy, we go to Easter mass. After mass my dad prepares a big Easter brunch while us kids change out of our church clothes and get ready to go to Grandma’s house.

All of my cousins, aunts and uncles on my mom’s side of the family will be at Grandma’s house. We spend the day talking, playing games and eating. At some point during the day, the adults and some of us older cousins put on an Easter egg hunt for some of the younger cousins. We fill fake Easter eggs with anything from little chocolates, to dimes and nickels (which they love). After stuffing ourselves once again during dinner at Grandma’s, we head home for a much needed sleep.

My family’s Easter traditions are nothing speculator or abnormal, but they are special to me all the same. Loyola gives  students a long weekend so that we have more time to spend at home for the holiday. I am looking forward to a long, relaxing weekend at home spent with family and good food!

Awaiting My Family

Awaiting My Family

This upcoming Easter weekend, my mom, dad, brother and sister are all headed over to Rome to visit me! I’m currently making a list of places for us to go/eat/sight see.  They’re coming for a week, and are hoping to make it to all Rome’s main attractions: The Colosseum, The Roman Forum, The Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps. They also are going on a wine tour through the vineyards in Tuscany.

I’m excited for their arrival, especially because I will be their personal tour guide (like a true Roman). My family is very obnoxious and very fun, so I know this will be a trip they will never forget!

Here’s a picture of my mom, dad, me, my 15 year old sister and my 16 year old brother.  This was during our big family vacation.  We had themed nights where each family cooked and decorated, and this night was Italian night. My aunt made us all shirts, and we dressed up like guidos/guidettes… Jersey Shore style.  We’re trying to look intimidating. I think its working!

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  Obviously, I love feasting on one of my all time favorite foods, mashed potatoes, but I also like being reminded of everything I am thankful for.

This Thanksgiving was a little different for our family.  We usually go to both of my grandparents’ house, but this time, we had Thanksgiving at our house.  We also had a wedding! My cousin Aly and her husband Ethan had a very small wedding with both of their families at our house.  My father is a lawyer and has the authority to marry people, so he led the ceremony.

It was a beautiful wedding, and it was nice they had it on Thanksgiving because that way, everyone could make it.  It was nice to meet her husbands family and have everyone come together for their wedding.

Thankfully, we still had the traditional Thanksgiving day feast. Even better, we not only had pumpkin pie, but wedding cake, too! It was amazingly delicious.

It was a great Thanksgiving, and it only reminded me how thankful I am for my wonderful family.