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Dream Goals

Dream Goals

There are so many things I want to do in my life. Everyone has their own dreams and aspirations. Sometimes there can be occurrences when those hopes and dreams might seem merely impossible to accomplish. After trying so hard to get to a certain point, at times I find myself lost and surrendered. BUT, I have not given up entirely yet on my goals. I always pick myself up and try to get through the hardship and challenges because I know that it will all pay off in the end.

Firstly, I want to be a doctor (neonatologist to be exact). If I cannot handle the pressures and schooling, I still want to work in the medical field, just not as a doctor. I do not know what position I want to take, but nonetheless, I want to help patients in any way I can.

Secondly, I want a family (not now, but in the future). Just by knowing I want to be a neonatologist, you can tell that I love kids. My kids will live a happier life and I want them to enjoy all the things I could not enjoy as a kid myself (like living on campus, going to summer camps, sleepovers, etc).

Third, I want to build, open, and run a elementary school in Vietnam for underprivileged children and adults (who never got a proper education). As a Vietnamese, I know a lot of things about these people; they live at the poverty level and all the money they make goes to educating their children. In this country, education is more/less the most important aspect that the people praise. I know of a couple of families who are going through this and I wish I could do something for them now, but I can’t do enough to make a difference.

Fourth, I want to travel the world. Many people travel in the typical tourist-like fashion and enjoy themselves in luxury. For me, I want to travel to the places that do not get much attention, especially health-wise. If I can, I want to help treat or diagnose people who have illnesses and do not have the means to healthcare. Besides that, I want to meet the real people of the places I visit, free from all the modern, touristy places. From there, I get to understand the culture and lifestyle so much better.

Fifth, I want to find lifelong friends. I want to find those that enjoy everything about me and vise versa. It is simply amazing when you and others can talk for hours and hours about any topic at all and still have fun.

I know that I’m a picky person and I know there is a lot of “I” and “wants” in this blog post, but generally speaking, the things I would like to have is not so materialistic or centered strictly to me. Rather, my life revolves around others with their well-being, their health, and emotions.

Here’s a quick video that shows a good picture of what I mean (there are English subtitles):

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

It is always fantastic to stay active within your community by doing extracurricular activities. They keep your day productive and you get to have many amazing experiences within the club (activities and events) and be able to meet new people.

At Loyola, I am part of two clubs/groups: AMSA (American Medical Student Association) and VASA (Vietnamese American Student Association). Both of the these clubs are fantastic because they define who I am and who I want to be; they help me understand and enjoy the things I love the most. In AMSA, I get to hear speakers from all different types of backgrounds tell their story on how they became a doctor, MCAT test prep representatives help me prepare for the rigorous exam, and ultimately I am able to obtain a better idea of how to be successful in my medical future. In VASA, I learn more about my culture through eating delicious (and FREE!) Vietnamese food, celebrating Viet holidays, and seeing student performances that originate from Vietnam.

Outside of Loyola, I volunteer at my local hospital every other Friday. Starting this summer, I plan to take summer classes at Loyola to ease my workload for the school year. Also, I plan to take cello lessons at a music school as well as apply to volunteer my time at Rush University Medical Center. Although it sounds like a lot, I know that this is my prime time to do this as I currently have the motivation to stay productive and participate in extracurricular things that I truly love to do.

Set the World on Fire

Set the World on Fire


When you walk on-campus, you can see students all over walking from class to class. After my first semester of school, I see things differently. I see future teachers, doctors, mathematicians, astrologists, musical composers, artists, business owners, and so much more. It is obvious to see that from receiving a Loyola education, you gain more than just a typical education. You gain knowledge in all aspects of life, more experiences pertaining to your career, and ultimately you find your passion.

For me, I have always wanted to be a doctor because I love to help others in any way I can. I grew up with the mentality that you should always care for others and therefore set a good example. That mindset has always led me to do the things I do such as volunteer at the hospital, church, and school. Considering that I admire children and have a goddaughter of my own, it is quite fitting that I have dreams of becoming a general pediatrician or neonatologist (specific to newborn and premature infants). Both jobs have pros and cons, but with my consistent and strong passion for this field of study, I know that I can accomplish my dream and be successful. I understand that a long road of schooling and challenges face me for a long time but I know that in the end, I will do the things that I love and that alone is the most rewarding. With no doubt, I will be a part of the large flame of light by setting the world on fire.