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Record a Webcam Video with QuickTime Pro

Record a Webcam Video with QuickTime Pro

With QuickTime Pro for Mac, you can easily record a webcam video directly to your hard drive.   Quicktime Pro offers a straightforward interface to record your video, as well as provides as the option to convert video files into a variety of formats. Take note that Quicktime Pro for Windows only supports audio capture.

If you don’t already have QuickTime Pro, you can purchase the download for about $30 at the Apple Store.

Here are a few steps to record a video from your webcam:

  1. If you don’t have a built-in camera, you must attach an external webcam
  2. Go to File > New Movie Recording
  3. A video screen will appear; when you are ready, press the red-circle record button
  4. After you are finished recording, the video will automatically save as a .mov file to your desktop. If you want to export it as a different format, select File > Export