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Free Audio Recording Software

Free Audio Recording Software





With Audacity, free downloadable recording software that works on both Macs and PCs, you’re able to easily record audio tracks and seamlessly edit clips together. Whether you’d like to create a podcast, narrate content to post to Blackboard or convert music files, audio recording software is incredibly useful to have around. Audacity has many easy-to-use features, such as editing via cut, copy and paste, noise removal, volume fading and multi-track mixing.

If you post audio files to Blackboard, make sure they are in a compressed, high-quality format, like MP3. In order to export your audio file to MP3 from Audacity, you will need to install the free LAME MP3 encoder.

In addition to Audacity being free and cross-platform there are many helpful resources, such as tutorials and FAQ’s, available at Audacity’s website.