Academic and University Resources

This list of links provides some resources that may be useful for incorporating social justice concerns into teaching, researching, or working in university settings.

Archives and Collections

Columbia University Libraries’ Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research curates and maintains collections of human rights materials, including interdisciplinary research guides and online archives of several human rights organizations. This also features an online archive, in multiple languages, of human rights related web pages.

Duquesne University’s Center for Educational Leadership and Social Justice has compiled a comprehensive “webliography” of justice-related centers, institutes, and organizations; curriculum materials, programs, and learning systems; fellowships and grants; blogs; and networks.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library maintains a comprehensive list of international declarations, conventions, protocols, and other human rights instruments.

University of Texas at Austin’s Human Rights Documentation Initiative.  While most of their documents are in-person, the catalog is listed online and they also feature an online archiving of often transient web pages.

Courses and Curricular Resources

Alexander Street offers an entire online human rights studies digital media collection. Loyola has access to this, as well as multiple other useful educational videos courtesy of our online video collections.

Education for Liberation Network is a “coalition of teachers, community activists, researchers, youth and parents” seeking to create educational experiences that empower young people to challenge injustices in their communities.

Harvard University’s Justice with Michael Sandel is an “online course exploring justice, equality, democracy, and citizenship.”

Teachers for Social Justice is a collection of K-12 and college educators in the Chicago area that offers curriculum resources and organizing opportunities.

The United Nations Office of the Commissioner of Human Rights offers a large web archive of Human Rights Education Resources.  While this is not a strictly academic site, it offers useful tools as well as a useful set of insights into global political approaches to the issue.

Research Centers and Projects

Civic Education Project at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development applies service learning pedagogy to promote civic responsibility and community engagement among young people.

Dangerous Speech Project explores ways to counter hatred and inflammatory speech while preserving freedom of expression.

The Black Youth Project looks at race, youth, and civic engagement.  It emerged out of a research endeavor at the University of Chicago, and now offers youth leadership training institutes as well as educator resources and access to data.

The Society for the Study of Social Problems – brings together academics, scholars, students, and educators who are interested in investigating and addressing issues of social in-justice.

Yale Center for the Study of Globalization explores a variety of social justice issues including climate change, global trade reform, and global public goods.

Student Affairs and Administration

Diverse Issues in Higher Education is a news website focused on diversity and social justice in college and university settings.

Social Justice Resource Project is an extensive annotated bibliography of essential resources on diversity and social justice practice and scholarship in student affairs, curated by ACPA – College Student Educators International, which also offers many support and engagement structures for scholars and educators to address issues of inequalities..