Social Justice Research

There are many ways to research social justice issues, including such methods as traditional library research, large-scale quantitative approaches, and ethnographic studies. However it is undertaken, the goal is to enlarge our understanding of thinking about social justice and ways to advance it in settings from the micro to the macro, from the local to the global.


The University Centers of Excellence are key sites for undertaking social justice research:
The Joan and Bill Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage
Center for the Human Rights of Children
Center for Science and Math Education
Center for Urban Research and Learning
Gannon Center for Women and Leadership
Institute of Environmental Sustainability 


The Loyola Library has recently launched “eCommons,” an open-access, secure resource providing access to the range of scholarly work undertaken by faculty. Go to the site and search under such terms as inequality, poverty and injustice to learn about some examples of social justice research.

Loyola eCommons


Endeavors is a publication from the Office of Research Services at Loyola featuring faculty research, including research on social justice.

Endeavors online