Academic Programs

Loyola seeks to advance social justice through teaching and research to deepen awareness and understanding of injustice around the world. Knowledge is used not only to identify problems and issues, but also to develop solutions to create a more just society. Several undergraduate programs focus specifically on social justice while others advance social justice through their academic missions more broadly. For more information on specific academic programs and schools that focus on social justice, please click HERE.

Social justice is advanced through knowledge and action. Service-learning and experiential-learning are key opportunities in educating students to think critically about and to act courageously for social justice. However, social justice is not only related to Loyola, Chicago, or even the United States. Advancing social justice is a task set forth throughout the world. The Office of International Programs offers several abroad opportunities that advance social justice through service-learning and experiential-learning programs. For more information on specific abroad programs with a focus on social justice, please click HERE.