Advancing Social Justice Work

By Dr. Kathleen Maas Weigert

Is there such a thing as “social justice”? How do people define it? Is it important, and if so, why and to whom? Can we talk about ‘advancing’ social justice? These questions have puzzled and preoccupied me for as long as I can remember. I look around the world — the ‘glocal’ (the global and the local combined) world as someone suggested — and see how interdependent we all are. What happens in Chile, China and Congo affects me in one way or another, as do events right here in my home city of Chicago.

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Voices of change

See the enclosed article in Loyola Magazine about student activism including in the expert commentary by Professor Kelly Moore.

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First Chicago charter school closes, citing state budget impasse

The charter school serving about 236 children, 97 percent of them poor, becomes the first in Chicago to fall victim […]

Here Are All Of Chicago Public Schools’ Lead Test Results

Chicago Public Schools has tested 58 schools and more than a dozen have shown elevated lead levels in their water. […]

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Rejecting Homogeneity, Not Reducing Bias, Will End Residential Segregation

The quality of schools, water systems, levee systems, and even the air itself varies by neighborhood. And a large and robust […]

Refugees, Displaced People Surpass 60 Million For First Time, UNHCR Say

The level of forced displacement worldwide is “unprecedented since the founding of the UN itself,” High Commissioner Filippo Grandi said […]

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