Pacem in Terris 50th Anniversary: Building Peace in Chicago and Beyond

On Saturday March 23, Loyola University Chicago honored the 50th Anniversary of the Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) Encyclical by hosting a working conference on building peace in Chicago and beyond. We would like to extend our gratitude to those who were able to attend and participate. Thank you for coming!
This working conference  featured four interactive panels presented by Loyola faculty in partnership with community organizations from across Chicago. These four panels are: Building Peace through Media, Building Peace in and with Schools, Building Peaceful Communities and Neighborhood, Building International Peace in Chicago: Local is Global. The conference concluded with an interactive reflection on building peace in Chicago and beyond and ways for people to continue to be engaged. For a complete schedule, please click here.
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Loyola University Chicago will also be hosting two other events in honor of Pacem in Terris:
“Pacem in Terris and the Professional Life” – A Presentation and Panel Discussion
“Making Peace by Negotiation and Agreement and not by Recourse to Arms” – A Lecture by Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell
To read an online copy of Pacem in Terris, click HERE.