Social Justice is Alive

Posted on: March 27th, 2013
Social Justice is alive.
She is shy. Her intervention is subtle. She guides the words of the educator teaching her young students to talk out their conflicts and embrace their diversity.
She is bold and striking. She is in the voice of the charismatic leader pushing for societal change and structural equity, spurring crowds out of complacency and into action.
She is persistent. She motivates the mind of the student studying late into the night so that one day soon his ideas will be heard and his work will be valued based on its merit, not on his appearance or economic status.
She is proud and Confident. She is in the advocate and activist that carry on through criticism and budget cuts; that stay true to their mission and find value in the struggle.
She is loving, beautiful, and simple. She moves in the willing aid of a stranger. She has her start in the loving lessons of a parent or mentor. She lives in anyone who offers her a home.
Social Justice is alive.

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