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Campus Commuter

Campus Commuter

For my last year at Loyola, I decided to move off campus and take advantage of other areas of Chicago.  My friends and I finally decided on an apartment less than one block from Wrigley Field.  So far, SO GREAT.

A lot of people have asked me if it gets annoying having to make the commute to campus everyday for class.  For me, it’s no problem at all.  The 15-20 minute ride on the train gives me some extra time for leisure reading, listening to music, or cramming for that test I put off studying for.  It’s been a good transition period between waking up in the morning and having to concentrate in class.

Not only that, but I’ve gotten the chance to know more than just Roger’s Park.  Lakeview has treated me to good shopping and great food, most of which fit into my struggling-college-student budget.  If anyone is ever in the area, stop by Lucky’s for a sandwich – you will not be sorry!

But it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows in my new life of commuting.  Occasionally, the city likes to spring surprise construction projects on me.  Take it from someone who’s been late to more than a couple of classes, our beloved el train is not always dependable.

When you live on campus, getting to class simply means timing out your walking pace.  Unless there happens to be some act of God, getting to class is a pretty standard routine.  But as a commuter, I am at the mercy of the gods of the train.  I started off my last semester of college being almost 30 minutes late to class because the north-bound train didn’t stop at Addison.  It was a less than ideal situation.

So my advice for any Loyola student who is considering moving off campus is to weigh the pros and cons.  Overall, I think living in Lakeview is fantastic, and I would encourage anyone to do the same.

My First Cubs Game

My First Cubs Game

Sadly, I went to my first Cubs game as a senior in college.  (I know… it’s embarrassing…my baseball superfan father couldn’t fathom it)  But… Wrigley field was just as awesome as everyone says it is!!

My friend got free Cubs tickets for my roommate and I.  The seats were great, right near home plate!  I really liked the atmosphere at the game.  Everyone was all decked out in Cubs gear and having a great time.

The coolest parts of the Cubs game, in my opinion, were the scoreboard, the band and the rooftop bleachers.  I really liked the manual scoreboard, as I have never seen one before and it was cool to watch the score change.  My other favorite thing was the band of older gentleman that brought out trumpets, trombones, etc. and played some songs for us!  This happened about halfway through the game, and it was only a few rows behind us, so we got a great view! Lastly, I noticed the bleachers on top of different buildings in Wrigleyville, and I decided I definitely want to watch the game from one of those before I graduate (spring hopefully?!)

All in all, the Cubs game was a blast!! However, my heart is still with my Cleveland Indians.



Coming to Chicago I was a die hard Angels fan. I still remain an Angels fan but I am learning quickly that there is this team on the north side which I cannot help but love.

The Chicago Cubs are one of the most historic teams in baseball. Being that they have not been to a World Series since 1945 and have not won one since 1908 there is one phrase all Cubs fans must learn and love, “There is always next year!”

I went to a Cubs game not too long ago. I came to the game expecting nothing more than a good effort from the Cubbies. Our seats were in the bleachers and I caught a ball during batting practice which is always a great way to start a game. And above all things they WON!

Besides their World Series Drought, there is one more thing about the Cubs that makes the team special; Wrigley Field. Wrigley is one of the most historic stadiums in the world.

A day at Wrigley is one that is unlike any other and it is truly difficult to not appreciate the beauty of this team.