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Brothers Unite!

Brothers Unite!

This was one of the most sleep deprived, jam packed, exciting weekends of my entire life. After working an all night shift (11:00 PM – 7:30 AM) at the hospital, I headed straight to Loyola’s Water Tower Campus in order to attend Alpha Phi Omega Sections 47-50-51 Conference 2012.

And what is that, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you. But first, some explanation…

I’m lucky enough to be a member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a national, co-ed service fraternity. This weekend, Loyola’s chapter of the fraternity, Pi Eta, along with Northwestern’s chapter, Sigma, was lucky enough to host our annual Trisectional Conference.

Just showing off my APO cardi with my bro, Allie

Trisectionals is an annual conference in which the three APO sections of Illinois (Sections 47, 50 and 51) come together to discuss legislation and participate in workshops to enhance our leadership skills.

Yesterday was filled with meetings, work shops, scavenger hunts, LEADS courses and even a visit from our national president.

I’ve been so caught up in nursing school. So, even though I was a zombie from lack of sleep, it was awesome to get to see all my amazing brothers again before finals week turns me into a hermit!

Leading Loyola

Leading Loyola

One aspect that has truly changed my Loyola experience is the leadership and involvement on campus. Many people on campus not only are part of multiple organizations but also have started or are on the E board as well. If one is not involved in this way I can almost promise that they might be doing community service or have an internship or even be doing research with there favorite professor on campus.

I started my day by heading to the south side of Chicago to volunteer as a timer for a swimming competition at the YMCA. I brought up my community work at a mass I attended  tonight. Father Dorsey approached me and explained how he would like to help me get a job with a local dentist being that he has some connections in the area. This is why I LOVE LOYOLA!

Positions I currently hold:

– G Board for my fraternity Alpha Phi Omega (Co-chair of Fellowship)

– E Board for the Physics club (Secretary)

Global Brigades Leader

– along with being a part of various other organizations around campus

I came to Loyola somewhat worried about getting involved. I was shy and unable to communicate my opinions to a group of people. I am now a Junior with multiple majors and minors and I feel quite the opposite. I enjoy leading at Loyola and even more so helping people so that they can move to lead as well.

Finally I Have Brothers!

Finally I Have Brothers!

Growing up I always wanted a brother.  When I came to Loyola I simply wanted to avoid Greek life. There was something about that just didn’t seem right for me  me.

Now, I realize that joining Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is quickly becoming one of the best decisions of my life.

Let me start by saying that APO is not the normal fraternity, not only do we not associate ourselves with any type of party scene but we are based around the idea of service. It is this idea that bonds the brothers and makes being part of APO so amazing. It was a fraternity based on Boy Scouts.

Last night I was finally initiated into this fraternity after a semester of pledging; never in my life have I felt so comfortable in a room of so many different people. I knew that every person in the room was there for me as I was there for them. From the wiffle ball tournament last weekend to volunteering at Snoozeum, the experience has been nothing less than amazing. I mean, seriously, what is cooler than playing in the Museum of Science and Industry after hours with all of your closest friends?

Also I should mention that APO is co-ed. Yes, I know, its not a real fraternity than right? Well this fraternity is based around the idea of brotherhood, regardless of the make-up it’s members. Personally, I would consider my new brothers closer to me than most of my family. After pledging for the last three months I have nothing but amazing memories, great stories and unbelievable friends to talk about.

So yes, I may have come to Loyola thinking that fraternities are horrible but the fact is that Loyola is so diverse that you never really know what you are going to find. And if you don’t find anything,  you are clearly not looking.