Such a ‘Bler: Study Break?

Such a ‘Bler: Study Break?

What do I love about studying at a university right near downtown Chicago? It only takes a quick hop on the L to get my head out of a creative block and/or (haha) fatigue.

With my 3 areas of study (Communication Studies, Theatre & English), I always end up moving into Loyola’s Art studios/shops towards the end of each semester. Then comes hours after hours of crafting or typing of new pieces. Eventually the brain calls for a different adventure.

BY THE WAY, I made a new video about what I’m studying at Loyola. Watch it here:

The ice rink at Millennium Park is always a fun place to chill (literally). The price is very college student budget friendly and it only takes a few rounds to forget all that stress and exhaustion (mainly cause you’ll be focused on new brusies from skating haha.) But you honestly cannot feel anything other than refreshed on an ice rink, because if you think too much, you’ll fall. And look how cute Cloud Grate (the bean haha) is all snowed up!

Take some time to cool off, and maybe even a stroll around Millennium Park itself afterwards! The rink is yours until 8:30pm!




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