If I could tell my high-school senior self….

If I could tell my high-school senior self….

This is one question I get frequently–If you could go back in time, what would you tell your high school senior self? Any good advice to pass along? Quite frankly, my response has nothing to do with academics or have anything to with financing school. Nevertheless, I hope this gives you a better outlook on my honest experience of Loyola and gives you more reassurance about your decision to come to here in the future.


As a incoming freshman, TAKE ADVANTAGE that everyone starts on a clean, fresh slate. No one knows anyone, and everyone is just as lost, nervous, and scared as you are. This is your time to shine and make friends right from the very beginning, whether that would be during orientation over the summer, convocation, or first week of classes. You’ll find comfort, you’ll have many things to look forward, and you’ll make the most out of your Loyola experience. 

During my orientation, I made good friends. Though I was shy and kept to myself, I was [very] lucky to be in a group of open-minded and friendly people. Though my first friend, I met his friends and the domino effect happened. It was not long into my freshman year that I had a good central group of friends and felt comfortable enough to be myself.

I regret holding back a lot of my genuine self and being talkative to others. Though it is tough, remember that it is tough for everyone. You are not alone. Sure, everyone is different; there’s the introverts and extroverts and everyone else in-between. However, you are in control of who you want to associate yourself with. Use your instincts to find people who could potentially be your friend and work from there.

Take advantage that all of you guys are new to Loyola! Ask people to explore campus with you and find out where your classes are! Have fun getting lost! Visit the supposedly haunted floor of Mundelein together! Go to mass together! Have a contest of the best looking ice cream cone in the dining hall! Go out for lunch at Felice’s! Simply do anything so you have the opportunity to get to know them better and explore Loyola better, together. I remember my friends and I went to Garcia’s -Mexican Restaurant, to celebrate a birthday. It was fun because everyone was together and we explored the rest of little shops down the strip of Lincoln Square. A particular fun memory was when the server sang ‘Happy Birthday’ with a pair of maracas to my friend in front of a slice of flan and lit candle. Somehow the server shook the maraca so hard, it broke and fell into the basket of tortilla chips. Obviously, there was so much laughter and good memories were created.

My advice to my own self do not regard academics and finances because I know that is something I know I can work on, regardless. Creating memories and good friends is something that is time-sensitive. I believe that the best time to make friends is right in the beginning of freshman year, as everyone is new and in need of friends. It is the easiest time to get acquainted with others.

Go out and make some friends! 🙂



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