What NOT to Bring to Rome!

What NOT to Bring to Rome!

There are packing lists for ever and ever out there on the Internet, but I wanted to give a brief post as to what not to bring. I’ve seen some people make these mistakes, and boy are they regretting it now.

First off, yes, no matter which semester you come here, it will get very, very hot. That’s climate change for you. Don’t bring a fan, duh. Some people knew what was coming and brought little ones, but they just take up space. You can tough it out here or buy some here. Heck, some of them didn’t even work because of the voltage differences! On that note too, don’t bring your straighteners, curlers, hair dryers, or other large appliances like that. They just won’t work! Sure, you can bring endless amounts of bulky converters, but even then there’s no guarantee. And why waste space?

Second, don’t even think about the heavy down-feather winter coat. Bring layers of jackets, and jackets that layer. Even if you’re going to go up north to say, Norway or Iceland, the more jackets the better for the fall/spring weather, but a winter jacket just isn’t worth all of the space and hauling for a short weekend. Trust me, you don’t have room!

Third, pepper spray and other self-defense weaponry is a no-no. Here in Rome, the use of pepper spray, even in self-defense, is a crime. I don’t know about knives, but they probably wouldn’t fly in just the same way. Best not to risk it.

Fourth, books to read for fun? Don’t bother! The library here has plenty of fiction novels, and interesting non-fiction too. If you’re an avid reader enough to bring your own books, then you’ll be an avid reader enough to enjoy our collection.

Fifth, school supplies! The local grocery store sells things in their dollar bins. Notebooks, folders, and the other stuff? They just take up space! If you get them here, you can throw them out here, no luggage space occupied. Easy as that!

Sixth, hangers. Towels. Sheets. The school supplies them all. Toiletries like makeup wipes, razors, shower gel, and laundry detergent? Can get them all here. Since detergent likes to come in big jugs, I split mine with three other friends, and we haven’t yet run out.

Seventh, don’t only bring summer clothes! Italy will feel like eternal summer, or at least it seems like it should, but it doesn’t! It can get chilly at night, and besides, the locals dress for the season, not the weather. You don’t want to be THAT telltale American wearing flipflops and shorts at the end of October. And for that matter, if you’re bringing flipflops… they’re probably going to be shower shoes. Some people (like me) bring ten pairs of shoes, and some bring just one or two, but make sure they are versatile for the seasons, and comfortable to walk in. That’s key!

If you’re packing in the future and thinking, should I bring this? I might need it, I might not! The answer is no! If you really need it, you can get it here! If you can’t get it here for cheap, it’s a lifelong useful souvenir!

If you’re really unsure, drop a comment here and I’ll see if I can help. Until next time!

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