A Home for Everyone

A Home for Everyone

As a sophomore here at Loyola, I’ve seen a lot of potential students being walked through our Lake Shore campus, as have many students within there time here. Now that I’m a tour guide myself, I feel like I’ve become a more crucial part of this major step in the potential students’ lives.

Having done my first actual tour guide today with a group of high school students, I’ve been able to personally witness not only how eager the students seemed to be, but also how passionate I’ve become about this school. On the tour I was able to highlight a lot of great features about the school, including how eco-friendly we are, the plethora of our student groups and activities, as well as how we try to make a home for all faiths and backgrounds, and that’s something that I personally connect with. The fact that Loyola can offer a huge amountĀ of resources as a university and can make every student make this campus their own home, is astounding and very admirable.

The more I talk about Loyola, the more I feel welcome here. From fraternities and sororities, to worship spaces for all faiths, to various Division-1 and intramural sports, to choir and theater, and everything in between, I have yet to meet an individual who hasn’t been able to find a group of like-minded people that share similar interests and undoubtedly welcome them into their social circle.

Even those who are afraid of figuring out how to get involved in various groups or clubs, incoming freshmen can be a part of a Learning Community, ranging from various topics such as a STEM majors, Leadership, Faith, as well as an International Learning Community where students can live with students from around the country as well as around the globe, and visit and view various festivals and neighborhoods around Chicago such as the Turkish Festival, the International Film Festival, or just visiting places such as Ukrainian Village or Chinatown, and experiencing the global cultures that Chicago has to offer.

Lu Wolf, LUC’s loveable mascot.

I’m very proud to say that I’ve been able to call Loyola home, and I know all of my friends feel the same exact way. I can proudly say I’m a Rambler, and I’m very much excited to see more incoming students faces, as well as profess how proud I am to say that I go to LUC.


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