Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand

With Loyola being a Jesuit university, a quote from Saint Ignatius everyone hears at their graduation is “Go forth and set the world on fire”. However, that fight for making the world a better place and really “setting it on fire” can start well before students graduate from the university. Not only pushing students academically, but socially, Loyola tries to ensure that its students stand up against injustices that are unfair for people of all backgrounds. Besides students holding protests fighting for their beliefs, occasionally Loyola also gets involved in the fight for social and racial equality and supports certain social justice movements, as well as environmental movements..

The most recent stance that Loyola has taken with its students is the fight for undocumented workers and students, in light of recent events including the deportation and ban of undocumented immigrants in America, and with recent talks of a stronger border wall, a mock wall that Loyola has set up with chain link fence is run by students, who are volunteering to educate, as well as serving as members for conversation.

One major thing here at Loyola is how students of the university can make a proposition, and take a stand for injustices they see in the world. A couple years ago, students made the stand to have a biodeisel lab for our shuttles that run to and from our Lake Shore and our Water Tower campuses, and everyone working the lab are all students. We are the only university that is licensed to sell our biodeisel to other universities.

So even if you want to make a difference in the world, and have an idea but don’t know how to put it into action, it’s still possible to get involved and help “set the world on fire” in your time here at Loyola.

Taken from Bishop Canevin High School
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