Deciding on What to Bring to College

Deciding on What to Bring to College

Summer is approaching and, chances are, you’re probably wondering about what to bring to college. In my opinion, less is more. Your decisions will depend on where you live and who your room mate is. Most freshman residence halls do NOT allow big furniture in the dorms and will turn that item away even if you attempt to bring it in.

For the bigger items, you might want to confer with your room mate on what to bring. Who is bringing a TV, a fold out chair, a microwave, printer or mini fridge?  Some freshman dorms do have kitchens on certain floors so you might want to talk about bringing some pots, pans, plates and silverware if you like to cook. Splitting these items between room mates will make more room in cars and provide less of a hassle during move in.

If you’re not worried about the sales tax in Chicago, consider buying your school supplies and text books when you move in. Some Teachers will give you a week of grace to order your books online or purchase them in the book store….unless they’ve already assigned you school work.

Regarding clothes and shoes, take what you need. Yes. It’s true ladies. Chicagoans like to look classy but i assure that you can look classy with a few essential items of clothing. Visiting websites like Pinterest will help you condense your closet in no time. Plus, you’ll want to save that room for all of the clothes you will buy while you’re in college. Trust me, you’ll go home with more than you brought.


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