Getting Involved: It’s Never Too Late to Start

Getting Involved: It’s Never Too Late to Start


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Yesterday, in support of a friend, I attended the Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) Senate internal elections, during which each candidate addressed the audience, giving a two minute speech then answering a question on the spot.  A number of candidates mentioned getting involved as something they hoped to do, as well as encouraging others to become more engaged in the campus community and the plethora of activities that enrich student life at Loyola. This had me thinking about how I first started getting involved and about the organizations I want to look into and possibly joining.

One of the easiest ways to get a glance of all of Loyola’s student organizations is attending the Organization Fair, which takes place during the first several weeks of each semester. For the Fall 2014 Org Fair, I had no inkling as to which clubs or groups I wanted to be involved with. In some cases, I didn’t get the chance to sign up for the groups that fit my interests, one of which is Women in Leadership. Since my major, computer science, is universally male-dominated, I thought it would be a perfect way for me to network and explore the gender dynamics that I’m sure to have to confront in my career. It just so happens that one of my hall mates, also a computer science major, is also a member of the organization, which is a nice perk.

During the latter part of the fall semester, I learned to glean information about the different organizations on campus by browsing their Facebook pages. A large number of student groups have Facebook pages that are up to date, making it quite easy to determine whether the organization is a fit in terms of people, mission, activities and time investment. Even if you cannot commit to a particular organization, ‘liking’ their page allows you to see the different events they host throughout the year, which is a great way to support the people and causes that interest you or that you feel are meaningful.

If you don’t have Facebook or prefer not to ‘like’ various pages, another way to get the latest scoop on goings-on is via the bulletin board in each of the first-year residence halls. Several Halls, like my own, even has a monthly calendar that allows you see daily events, each of which represents a friendship network, a career-building opportunity, a unique insight, a new learning experience, or a channel through which to create social value as a college student.

This semester I hope to take part in several new organizations, as well as to find ways to make a positive contribution to the ones in which I am already a member.




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