My favorite study spots

My favorite study spots


As we are all trying to survive finals, I have to share my two favorite study spots.  Actually, I have several favorite study spots, but these two are my favorite!  I’ll keep my posts short and sweet, so you have enough time to study for the last finals 🙂

If I have to catch up on my readings, then I love to go to the third floor and sit on a comfy couch.  BEWARE: you may fall asleep!  They are so comfortable.  Of course, the view is extraordinary!

However, if I need a computer, without all the people around like in the IC, and I need to focus, I go into Dumbach’s room on the second floor.  (The first floor is the basement).  This room has a computer, and I believe staff hold meetings in here.  It is never occupied, and I like to close the doors and study here, as well.


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