Wellness Advocates Blood Drive

Wellness Advocates Blood Drive


Meet the Wellness Advocates!  We are an on-campus peer education organization that works in conjunction with the Wellness Center to inform the Loyola community about healthy lifestyle choices.  We meet every Wednesday to plan and to reflect on multiple events, from our Good Sam I Am Campaign (advocating our Good Samaritan law) during Halloween to our Importance of Sleep Workshop in January.  As a group we also hold small events and presentations on topics ranging from diet and exercise to sexual health and drugs and alcohol.

For many of these events, we like to partner with other large clubs to spread the word.  Last week the Wellness Advocates partnered with MSA (Muslim Student Association) to host a blood drive in the Damen Multipurpose Room.  We anticipated fifty or so donors to arrive, but by the end of the first day of the blood drive, over one hundred students donated blood.  By the end of the entire drive, we and the MSA hosted one of the most successful blood drives to date.

This successful blood drive goes beyond the success of our two clubs.  On average, hospitals require liters and liters of blood a day to meet the requirements of their patients.  With hundreds of patients with unique blood types, blood and plasma are in constant demand in hospitals worldwide.  Fortunately, each donation of blood saves up to three lives, so our single event is saving over three hundred lives.  We will definitely continue to partner with clubs to hold more blood drives with patients worldwide in mind.

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