To & From Loyola

To & From Loyola


This has been my first year commuting and so far, I have to say that I have a lot of respect for all of those commuters out there!  Not only is it work, but it is a commitment.  We all want to get to school on time, but driving to the city, let alone taking a taxi, would take too much time because of TRAFFIC.

Therefore, I want to share my two fastest ways to get to Loyola from Union Station (sorry to my Ogilvie station people).  There are roughly 2.7 million people in Chicago, you’re running late and you want to get to school on time for a quiz.  Which way do you take?  Do you take the blue line to the red line, just the red line, or the brown line to the red line?

All the choices.

I used to get on Clinton and transfer on Jackson’s red line stop and take it to Loyola, but after a while I got tired of walking underground.  My new favorite way to get to Loyola is to walk down Adams and get on the Quincy stop on the brown line.  Then, I transfer to the red line on Fullerton, or if I forget, on Belmont.  The scenery is better than having staring contests with strangers.  Plus, the time it takes to get there is about the same.

However, the only downside is that the brown line seems to stop more often than the blue line.  Either way, I’ll take the city view over the underground route any day.

What is your favorite route?  Please do share, I love to explore and find new ways to get to Loyola!


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