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Posted on: November 15th, 2013 by Lori Greene

A few weeks ago, my niece sent me a college essay to review and provide her with some feedback. Last week, she called me and screamed, “I GOT IN!”

I could sense the grin on her face.

But now, my question was, “Where?”

She shared that she was admitted to Ole Miss and how it was so nice to know that she ‘got in’ to at least one school. She knew other decisions would be arriving later, but she was excited that this was the first college she had heard from. She planned on setting up a campus visit soon.

I enjoyed the conversation for many reasons:

  1. I might get a text message or a message sent via Facebook, but this was a phone call from my niece. I love hearing from her and learning how she is doing.
  2. She knows what I do for a living and how I have been excited for her to start this process. She thought enough at the time to share her first admission letter with me.
  3. After 20 years in college admission, I can honestly say that it is still a thrill to hear the excitement in a student’s voice when they get admitted to a college/university.

Hopefully, my niece will share the rest of the decisions as well as her impressions from her campus visits. I am sure our discussions over the holidays will be quite lively. Hopefully you have similar discussions as well!

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