Our New Pal Snickers

Our New Pal Snickers


Today was an especially exciting day for my roommates and me.  Today we got to bring home Snickers, our very own foster dog!

We’re working with an animal shelter called Felines and Canines, near Loyola, just down Devon.  The shelter created the fostering program to help animals that are not so easily adopted.  Each animal in the foster system has a specific issue that they need to work on.  People can volunteer to take these animals temporarily and work with them, so that they are more readily adoptable to permanent homes.

That’s where we stepped in.  After one visit to the shelter, little Snickers stole my heart.  A second trip with my roommates only confirmed what I already knew: that I’d be taking her home with me.  And today, I finally got to pick her up.

Snickers’ issues are nothing that can’t be fixed.  Being 8 months old, Snickers still acts like the puppy that she is.  She runs around like crazy and jumps on people to get their attention.  Basically puppy behaviors that need to be fixed so she can grow into a well-trained dog.

Snickers also has trouble around other dogs.  While she was living with her previous owner, she was attacked by a larger dog.  As friendly as she is, she gets nervous when she’s around other animals.  This just means we need to give her as many positive interactions as possible.

So for the next few weeks, we’ll be working with Snickers and keeping her in our home.  It’s pretty awesome that we can help out the shelter and make a new puppy friend all at the same time.

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