Freshman Year: Check

Freshman Year: Check

It’s crazy, but I have two days left of my freshman year of college!

It’s funny, because in high school, I always counted down, eager for the year to be over and summer to start. Now, it’s honestly more sad than happy.

I’m so happy to attend a school I don’t want to leave. The experiences I’ve had this year and the friends I’ve made have transformed Loyola into a second home.

I recently got the offer to stay over the summer and work full-time with my internship at Loyola’s University Marketing & Communication Department, and I am thrilled to accept it. I will be subleasing an apartment close to school from a friend for June and July, and I am pumped to spend part of the summer in the city. A lot of my friends who were as reluctant to leave as I was are staying as well, so I know I’ll have a blast.

Of course, I’m even more excited to see my family and friends back home for a month, with nothing to do but visit! While it will be hard to end my freshman year, it makes it easier going back to a place you love just as much.

I’ve realized that my life is always going to be split. No matter where I am, in Cincinnati or Chicago, I’ll always be missing someone. But, as my mom always tells me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So, goodbye freshman year-sophomore year, I’ll see you soon!

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