The Game of Footy

The Game of Footy

Footy – it’s a big deal. I finally got the opportunity to see my first match, as the season here is just starting to kick off. This match was just a scrimmage at my school in preparation for the upcoming games, but it was still great fun.

In my opinion, the game resembled something between soccer, rugby and football. I have to say I don’t know how accurate that is though, because it was a game unique to any other I had seen before.

Basically, the objective is to get the ball down-field and kick it into the goal to score. There are two teams of 18 players on the field at once. I think the thing that makes it so unique are the passing methods– drop kicking, handing off and bounce passes are all common.

Hopefully as the season goes on I can understand the rules more clearly. I might even get the chance to try my own hand at footy and add it to my list of growing firsts.

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