Life Update

Life Update

Another busy week at Loyola!

It’s hard for me not to write about Frankenstein, because I spend so much of my time in rehearsal or thinking about rehearsal. We have now completely blocked the show! We are now focusing on fine-tuning the scenes, especially a lot of the movement work.We have been rehearsing in a rehearsal studio in the Mundelein Center, but tonight we move into the actual space-the Underground Theatre! I’m excited to work in the space we will be performing in. The blackbox theatre is very small and intimate, which will take some getting used to and adds a fun challenge to the show.

Here is an interview with our fearless director and playwright, senior Ali Burch! Tickets for the show can be purchased online now (I will not apologize for the shameless plug).

Also happening in the theatre department at Loyola now is the mainstage production of Moliere’s Tartuffe, which opens tonight and runs til next weekend! I’m seeing it on Sunday afternoon.! I just read Tartuffe in my Honors class a few weeks ago, so I’m eager to see the performance on stage.

In other news, the housing lottery numbers came out for freshmen a couple of days ago-a stressful situation-but I’m lucky enough that one of my room mates drew number 20, meaning he will be one of the first students to pick a residence hall for next year! We are hoping to live in Georgetown, an apartment-style “quint” residence hall with a huge kitchen, living area and three bedrooms for five people. We find out Monday-wish us luck!

I hope you are all having wonderful weeks!


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