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Registration Luck

Posted on: November 8th, 2012 by Kaia Trubiano

Registration week is always a stressful one.  Whether it be rearranging your schedule a million times or struggling to get into that class with the perfect time/teacher, many students have a hard time with it.  However, it always works out in the end.  I got extremely lucky this semester- I had no problems registering  and got my top picks for all of my classes!

I got to register at a very early time slot on the first day (one of my favorite perks of being in the Honors Program.)  There was very heavy traffic on the website at that time, as tons of people were trying to register, but I was able to register right away.

My schedule semester is looking really great.  I am taking the Social Work classes I need, one of them being research methods and the other one Social Work methods, which requires a service learning component.  The service learning component basically means that I will have to do thirty hours of service at a social service agency or volunteer site.  The other classes I’m taking are child psychopathology, which should be really interesting, psychology statistics, and a human rights honors class.

Registering for my second semester of junior year made me realize how fast my college years are going! Only one and a half more years until I’m out in the working world… I don’t think I’m ready yet… I want to stay at Loyola forever!

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