Beginning The Study Abroad Process

Beginning The Study Abroad Process

One of the great things about Loyola is that they really encourage their students to study abroad. And many students do!

Loyola makes it really easy to study abroad by providing a ton of information on their website and offering a lot of different study abroad options. We even have a campus in Rome, Italy and a program inĀ Beijing, China! Students can go to these international campuses and pay roughly the same tuition and take classes that will count toward their graduating requirements with no hassle of getting course approvals from department heads.

As a student, you can study abroad for a year, a semester, 6 weeks in the summer and some programs even have 2 week programs in the summer or over winter break. If you are an education major, you even have the opportunity to do your student teaching in Rome! How cool would that be? Student teachers teach at an international school so no Italian is required and they live on Loyola’s campus.

I am taking advantage of the summer programs and hoping to study in Ghana this upcoming summer. Loyola does not have a campus in Ghana but I am able to apply through a program called USAC. Loyola also offers students opportunities through the Institute for the International Educator of Students program or IES and the School for International Training or SIT. I encourage you guys to click on these links and look at the dozens and dozens of countries and cities world-wide that Loyola students are offered the opportunity to study in.

I have just begun the process of applying for study abroad but so far it has been super easy! Loyola has a database that has a list of the pre-approved courses in Ghana and all of the course I am interested in are already approved! My adviser told me that if a course happened to not already be approved, it is pretty easy to get most courses approved. I would just need to fill out a request form and bring it to the head of the appropriate department.

Loyola’s website has walked me through the necessary steps for applying to the study abroad program and it has not been confusing like I feared it might be. I will keep all of you updated when I find out more about my study abroad progress and in the meantime check out all of the cool countries you could go to if you wanted!

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