Top 5 Gelaterias In Rome

Top 5 Gelaterias In Rome

So since leaving Rome the one thing I have missed more than anything, is some amazing gelato. So here is my list of the best places in the city of Rome.

1. Gelateria del Teatro – By far the best Gelato in Rome! Location is simply amazing, located down a picture perfect roman alleyway. And while it may be a little more expensive, it is simply amazing. Top Flavors: Sage Raspberry, Cecialian Chocolate, Orange Chocolate, Lemon, and basically everything else.

2. Old Bridge – Located across the street from the entrance to the Vatican Museums this place offers the best bang for your buck. They are in no way stingy in the amount for only a euro-fifty. Top Flavors: Fruti de Bosco, Pistachio, Chocolate

3. Trestevere РI do not actually remember the name of this place but it is located in Trestevere on a back alley where only the locals really go. It has the best Lemon gelato ever, which mixes perfectly with there other fruity flavors. Top Flavors: Lemon

4. Crematoria – After a nice mass a the Pantheon or a stroll through Piazza Navona, Crematoria is a something special. Top Flavors: Rose

5. San Crispino – If it where not for the fact that San Crispino has horrible service and they are very expensive it would be the best in Rome. Top Flavors: Whiskey, Honey

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