A Day at The Shedd

A Day at The Shedd

On Wednesday, everyone on campus had a study day.  No one had finals unless they had a Wednesday night class. My friend and I, basically done with finals (okay, we may have been procrastinating studying for our last one..), decided to take a much needed break at The Shedd Aquarium.  We both hadn’t been there since we were in middle school, so we were excited to experience it all over again.

We both got in for free because her mom bought a Groupon (if you haven’t heard of Groupon you MUST click that hyperlink) that consisted of two tickets for around thirty or forty dollars!

There was so much to see at The Shedd.  We saw a Christmas show with whales and dolphins, which was really cool.  We also saw a jellyfish exhibit and of course, fish, turtles, and everything in between.  I was a little upset that the penguin exhibit was closed, though.. I love penguins!

It was nice to take a day and just explore one of the major attractions of the wonderful city of Chicago.  I highly suggest going to the Shedd or any of the other museums/planetarium on the museum campus.  It’s a great area with a ton of attractions that are definitely well worth it.

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