Dinner and Movie Night Out

Dinner and Movie Night Out

Friday night, I decided to take a much needed break from studying to relax and enjoy a good dinner and movie.  One of my good friends here at Loyola is transferring next semester, so we decided to plan this night for her.  She picked the restaurant and movie and invited all of her good friends.

For dinner, we went to The Cheesecake Factory, right near the downtown campus, underneath the Hancock building.  It’s probably up there in my top five favorite restaurants. So so good! I was unadventurous and ordered a cheeseburger and fries, and was so full afterwards that I decided to be even more unadventurous and not order cheesecake.  As I type this, starving, I’m a little upset with myself that I don’t have some leftover cheesecake in my fridge. But, if you were to go there and order cheesecake I highly suggest the Godiva chocolate cheesecake.  It will be the best thing you have ever tasted, mark my words.

After dinner, we went to the AMC theater on Michigan Avenue and saw “New Years Eve.” The film had an all star cast of probably around twenty A-List actors.  The cast included Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashton Kutcher, Jon Bon Jovi, Zac Efron… to name a few.  It was a great movie and I highly suggest seeing it!

One of the main reasons I love going to school here is because you can easily hop on the bus or ‘L’ to head downtown and have a nice dinner, see a movie all within walking distance of each other.  I had a great time hanging with my friends and it was definitely a much needed study break for this hectic finals week that is approaching!

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