Chirstmas Around Loyola

Chirstmas Around Loyola

As the Christmas Season takes hold of Loyola, it is important to keep straight the various Christmas-themed programs Loyola puts on for the students and staff.  Here is a run down of some of the more popular events around this time of year hear at Loyola:

December 3rd: Christmas on Campus and the St. Xavier canned food drive

Christmas on Campus, in its first year, brought together the Loyola Community as well as the neighbors of Roger’s Park.  Christmas on Campus is a Christmas-themed party here at Loyola  for children 5-12 that may not have the means of having a Christams.  Brought here by two St. Louis sophomores, Christmas on Campus promotes generosity and the holiday spirit by pairing Ramblers of with children and let them explore the Winter Wonderland created inside of Gentile.  This year, over 400 Ramblers took part in the event.

St. Xavier canned food drive is in its eigth year of operation.  For the eight years, Loyola’s CLC (Christian Life Communities) scower the surrounding neighborhood in search of kind-hearted neighbors to donate canned food.  These cans are then taken to Kentucky where the food is stored in a pantry that feeds the surrounding area for half a year.  All in the name of giving.

December 5: Schola Concert

In the stunning Madonna Della Strada Chapel, the Loyola fine arts annex puts on a yearly concert showcasing their many talented musicians.  Featuring woodwinds, bass drums, handbells and many other symphony instruments, this is Loyola musical production at its finest.

December 8: Joyola

Loyola’s Joyola is a long-standing tradition that gives a chance for the Loyola accapella groups show off their glorious voices in front of the student body.  The AcafellasSilhouettes and Loyolacappela all come together to put on a ear-pleasing harmony of music.  This all takes place in Mundeline Auditorium.

December 21: Annual Christmas Luncheon

Four days before Christmas, the staff, faculty and retirees will be treated to a Christmas meal.  Hosted by school president, Fr. Michael Garanzini SJ, the luncheon will feature games, prizes and great food.

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