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A Little About Me

Posted on: November 3rd, 2011 by

Hey everyone! My name’s Kaia and I am a sophomore here at Loyola.  I’m from a small town about fifteen minutes out of Cleveland, Ohio.  By small, I mean graduated from high school with 60 kids small.  I would see the same people every day, from kindergarten all the way to twelfth grade.  You could say it was quite the transition when I came to Loyola and saw hundreds of new faces every day!

I’m planning to get my bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a minor in Psychology.  I hope to go on to law school and become some kind of child advocacy attorney or divorce attorney.

I am absolutely obsessed with the city of Chicago.  How awesome to spend your college years in one of the greatest cities in America?  You are never at a loss for things to do! I’m not gonna lie… I can definitely do some damage on Michigan Avenue.  It’s fantastic for my wardrobe, but not so much for my wallet…

Other than shopping, I love sports, specifically Cleveland sports.  The Cavs are my absolute favorite, but unfortunately the NBA lockout is keeping them from me right now, and to say I’m a little sad is an understatement.  I’m slowly getting converted into a Chicago sports fan, though.

I also am a huge foodie; I’d go out to eat every day if I could.  Two of my Chicago faves would have to be Giordano’s pizza and a small restaurant a block from my residence hall, Thai Grill. Delicious!

I love to volunteer, as well.  I currently volunteer with developmentally disabled adults as well as at risk students in the inner city.  It’s incredibly rewarding and a great experience!

So that’s a little about me… I’m loving Loyola and the city of Chicago, and it can only get better!

The best view in town!

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