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How To: Move and reorder sections

How To: Move and reorder sections

Sections can easily be moved, and the order in which they appear in navigation will change to reflect this.

  • You can move one of your sections, using the drag and drop method.
  • You can reorder your sub-sections using either the automatic ordering or moving them manually.

How To Move and Reorder Sections

  1. To move a section, drag it with your mouse and drop it to the new location.
  2. Click confirm to save the change to the site structure.
  1. To reorder sections, click the site structure icon.
  2. From the actions menu    select edit section.
    • Select the more tab   subsections
    • If you wish to use automatic ordering, slide the box to the check position    and select a method. By default, all sections are locked. Unlock the sections you wish to apply automatic ordering to. To do this, use the unlock option in the actions menu.
    • If you wish to manually move the sections, use the move arrows to move sections around.
    • Click save changes before navigating away from this screen, as the changes will otherwise not be saved.
Site Structure

Site Structure

The first part of building a website is identifying at least the high level architecture. In TERMINALFOUR this involves building a Site Structure consisting of sections (folders).

There are a variety of different types of sections. These are displayed with different folder symbols as displayed below.

Icon Name Description
Root section The first Section that displays on your Site Structure is your website’s homepage. On some sites, the home icon indicates their root section.
Normal section A page that is included in navigation;
NOTE: By default, newly created sections are included in the navigation unless you uncheck the box for “Show in navigation” in the Section Options.
Hidden section A page that is not included in the navigation
Pending section A page that is not ready to be published
Inactive section A deleted page
Internal link section A page that redirects to another page on your website
External link section A page that redirects to a page external to your website
Mirrored section A page that is a mirrored copy of another page on your website
Logging In

Logging In

Our current version of T4 Site Manager is

STEP 1: If you haven’t already, request T4 access from the UMC Digital team using this form.

STEP 2: To login, go to:

STEP 3: Click the T4 Login button

STEP 4: Enter your UVID and Password

STEP 5: The T4 Site Manager will launch

Last Updated: 2.24.2023

Training Outline: Basic Users

Training Outline: Basic Users

Click here to download the Basic User Training Document.
  1. Logging In
  2. Site Structure
  3. Section
    1. Information
    2. Section Icons
    3. How to’s:
      1. Add a section
      2. Move and reorder sections
      3. Bookmark sections
  4. Content
    1. Information
    2. Content Types
    3. History and Versions
    4. How to’s:
      1. Add content
      2. Direct Edit
      3. Links
      4. Tables
      5. Content Options
      6. Approve Content
  5. Media Library
    1. Information
      1. Media Items
        1. Image
        2. PDF documents
    2. How to’s:
      1. Add a Media Category
      2. Add Image
        1. Add Image Variants
        2. Edit Media Attributes
      3. Add PDF documents
  6. Mirror and Duplicate
  7. Deleting Assets
  8. Publish and Rsync
  9. Web Accessibility & SEO