Carthage Class of 2019!

On Sunday, August 11, 2019 twenty-one Loyola students received their MSW degrees at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. This ceremony was especially meaningful as it was the last graduating cohort from the Loyola MSW Program at Carthage College. The partnership between the School of Social Work and Carthage was established in 2001, and, as a result more than 600 students were able to receive a Loyola education thanks to the flexibility of the Carthage program which provided students the opportunity to earn their MSW while working full-time in the northern Illinois and Kenosha suburbs.

Faculty, Dr. Michelle Yapo and Commencement Student Speaker, Hollie White

Left to right: Hollie White, Ashley Hutchinson-Tluczek, Cathleen Cotter, Chuck Holloway, Bao Yang, Shelley Brudnicki, Erika Broxton.

Back row left to right: Chuck Holloway, Cathleen Cotter, Hollie White, Ashley Hutchinson-Tluczek, Shelley Brudnicki, Jessica Keener, Brian Agee; Front: Bao Yang, Natalie Carriere, Erika Broxton

Graduates Jacqueline Young and Hollie White

Heather Alexander, Cathleen Cotter, Professor Al Ross, Ashley Hutchinson-Tluczek, Hollie White, Bao Yang