February 2019

Group Work: Voices from the Field

Last week the School of Social Work Student Organization (SSWSO) and the International Association for Social Work with Groups (IASWG) co- sponsored Group work: Voices from the Field. The networking event, which showcased how social work groups are being used in educational, health care, community mental health, private practice and substance abuse treatment settings, provided students with …
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Inaugural Internship Fair

Last week, the Student Services department hosted the first Internship Fair for all current MSW students seeking internships. Practical experience, or fieldwork, is built into the MSW social work curriculum. All fieldwork experiences are credit-bearing internships, which offer students an opportunity to integrate and apply their academic knowledge in a real-world setting and prepare them for the …
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Dr. Julia Pryce presented at National Mentoring Summit

Dr. Pryce presented at the National Mentoring Summit in Washington D.C.. last month. Dr. Pryce first presented  at the invitation only Youth Mentoring Research Forum, a gathering held for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers the day before the Summit, with a colleague from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.  At the Summit, Dr. Pryce presented …
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