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Photo Studio Bananza

Photo Studio Bananza

September 29, 2013


 Today was an eventful day. My fantastic tutor and friend, Brook, and I started by going out  to a Photo Studio. I’ve been wanting to take photos at a Studio in China because they always look  amazing. They do your hair and makeup for every outfit you try on. Chinese Studio for so many years (all my American-Chinese friends got them done). I did four outfits themes: elegant, modern, cute, and natural/casual. I get the photos back in one month though…but I’m so psyched to pick them out this Wednesday!!! (The picture on the left is in the chair they’d do make-up in; the dress is my natural/casual outfit). The make-up artist was incredible. She made my hair into four distinct styles so well (curled, fancy up-do, cute up-do, and natural waves).  Every shot by the photographer was equally fantastic. I think the rest has to be seen not described, so I should show them on the blog after I get them. (Picture below is the first dress and the elegant theme one).
  • Price: Huge Range (I got a discount online!) 1,000 RMB – 10,000 RMB
    Depending on how many sets, prints, and outfits you want
    My original price was 2,388 ¥ but the coupon got it down to 388  ¥
  • Location: There are several Branches, I went to one near Renmin University

Rest of the locations on the Website

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